Newbie question on Re module

Jørgen Cederberg jorgencederberg at
Sat Jan 4 11:24:19 CET 2003

Josh <mlsj at> wrote in message news:<Xns92F5826AE2F65jslmAAearthlinknet at>...
> I am trying to strip out all binaries groups from a list of newsgroups. 
> Basically I wanted to write a regular expression that would match all non 
> binaries groups. But this does not seem to work:
> rgx=re.compile('[^(binaries)]'). My question is why not? How else would I 
> write the regex? I am a newbie at Regexes so please be kind:)
> Josh

Hi Josh,

not exactly an answer, but another link
( It is a playground area,
where you can enter some input and a regular expression, and then see
the results. Somewhat faster than using the interactive shell.


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