problem with the if statement and elif

Chris Lyon chris.lyon at
Sat Jan 18 18:08:49 CET 2003

ciouded0ne at (CIouded 0ne) wrote in message news:<20030118022516.11673.00000074 at>...
> hey i have a question i look at the tutorials that come for download with the
> python interpreter and whatnot and i can never get the if and elif to work for?
> is there a trick to it even though i copy it straight from the tutorial? im
> assuming i even downloaded a bad file or im doing it wrong and the tutorial is
> wrong but i dont think  i downloaded a bad file because this happened to me on
> all versions of the python interpreter. so any words of advice to help me out
> would be appreciated thanx.

When you say you are copying it are you cutting and pasting from the tutorial into 
the Development Environment?

If so you can get some form of syntax error.

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