UML and Python

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Mon Jan 20 10:36:32 CET 2003


this looks great! :)

I personally belief that because of Python's clean style and readability,
it's perfectly well suited for 'teaching' the concept of Object Orientation
and possibly other programming concepts too. In this process UML can be very
helpful too.

"Sean Ross" <sross at> wrote in message
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> Hi. I really don't have much to say about UML except to say that it can be
> useful for the reasons you've given:
> >So I'm mostly interested in its ability to clarify my own code to myself
> for
> >architectural improvement. On the other hand, I do have to communicate
> >others about the design for future use, and I hope to attract other
> >developers to the project by being well-designed and well-documented.
> >for non-developers, there's also some documentation into the general
> >and capabilities of the software, which might benefit from parts of UML
> But, in case you're interested, you might want to check this out:
> From the site:
> '''
> What is Pyut ?
> PyUt :
> PyUt is a little UML1.3 class diagram editor with support for output
> plug-ins. Export to XML, JPEG, BMP, PS. PyUt stands for Python UML
> '''
> and, apparently, it includes:
> Python generation + reverse engineering
> Java generation + reverse engineering
> C++ generation
> You can use it for class diagrams and use-case diagrams. They're working
> sequence diagrams.
> Anyway, good luck with what your working on,
> Sean

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