mention of books & extensions welcome, or...? (was Re: Scripting *of* Python)

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jan 31 20:57:28 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
[Someone wrote:]
> > This thread is just full of product placement.
> >
> > *grumble*
> Is this just an isolated opinion, with most readers still
> welcoming mentions and details about Python books and
> extension packages; or, has comp.lang.python's consensus
> shifted so drastically, so fast, so that such mentions are
> now seen as undesirable "product placement"???
> [...]
> So, what's the current consensus...?

I think it's fair to say that (a) the book in question is eagerly
anticipated by a large number of the newsgroup/mailing list participants,
and (b) the author is aware of that and was trying to be helpful by 
dropping a hint as to when the book might actually be available.

And in that case it's certainly a welcome "product placement"
comment... I hate running out to Chapters every week to see if
it's in, and not knowing if someone else from work ran out ahead
of me and grabbed the last copy (as happened with Test-Driven 
Development once!). :)


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