More usenet usage statistics, by programming language

Carl Banks imbosol at
Fri Jan 24 23:36:43 CET 2003

Aaron K. Johnson wrote:
> In message <v339gg9p1rlb3e at>, "John Roth" wrote:
>> I don't understand. Number of unique posters in the last 200 posts to a
>> newsgroup I understand,
>> and 647 to the (one) Python newsgroup I understand, but I don't
>> understand how you get
>> 647 different posters out of the last 200 posts.
>> Oh, and Clipper is an old data base language, somewhere in the dbase
>> family.
> oops, sorry....I meant 2000!

Ok, then how do you account for 3715 different posters for Java:

> survey begins here:
> java 3715
> (c/c++ taken together) 1511
> basic 1292
> perl 1240
> c++ 953
> pascal 905

FWIW, N different posters in the last M posts is an irrelevant
statistic for me.  N different posters in the X period of time might
mean something--it certainly correlates somewhat to acutal
popularity--but there are too many factors involved to get anything
better than a vague estimate from it.


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