Books: Core Python Programming vs. Python Cookbook

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Tue Jan 7 07:00:01 CET 2003

sir_penguin.geo at (Neil MacMillan) wrote previously:
|I'm a 1st year computer science student, but I've been teaching myself
|Python as my first useful programming language
|Core Python for explanations of specific things...
|I looked at Python Cookbook, which seemed interesting too.

Of these two, I would recommend Chun's book to someone just learning
Python.  In fact, of the more than half dozen introductory books, _Core
Python_ is probably my favorite, but _Learning Python_ and _Python
Bible_ are both good (avoid the Martin Brown titles at all costs; all
the others are OK).

_Python Cookbook_ is a really nice book, but it is aimed more at
experience Python programmers looking for clever tricks and techniques
that they may not have thought of.  I think a beginner might get
disoriented by _Cookbook_.  However, I look forward to Martelli's
_Python in a Nutshell_, which I'm sure will be an excellent
introduction, but that's not quite on shelves yet.

Of course, my vanity has to proclaim that you should read my book,
<>.  On the big downside, you won't be able to by
that on shelves until a couple months after you can get _Nutshell_.
Still, you are free to download the text for personal use now.

Yours, David...

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