Do pythons like sugar?

Afanasiy abelikov72 at
Thu Jan 9 13:48:06 CET 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 22:29:33 +1100, Andrew Bennetts
<andrew-pythonlist at> wrote:

>What is good design for one language isn't necessarily good design for
>another.  Python offers different features to, say, C++, and is best used in
>different ways.  I would recommend that you try to understand the pythonic
>world-view better, rather than insisting on imposing your preconceptions on
>us... my experience agrees with Andrew Dalke's; explicit self is much better
>than the alternatives.

The design is simple and normal. Dalke's code in response to mine made
changes which would break my design. My design for my project is right.
It also just happens to be of a very traditional and common methodology.

>Not to mention that the code you have shown us doesn't give me any confidence
>that your code is what you claim it to be.

You cannot see what the rest of the class is doing or meant to do.

>What is your situation?  You're refusing to say what it actually is, so it's
>reasonable for people to refuse to try help you -- its hard to know what the
>answer is if you won't tell us the question!

It is not relevant. I just wanted to know about the possibility of
implicit self. I suppose this is a sore spot. I'll look elsewhere,
but will continue to react to people saying I am doing it wrong
when all I was asking about what the possibility of implicit self.

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