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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Lamb <grey at> writes:
Steve> I doubt we'll ever see a newsreader and email client in
Steve> vim's scripting lanuage.

Who knows? Compared to Emacs, the idea of expanding Vim is still
rather new. It was a long time before mail and news clients were
written for Emacs.

Steve> BTW, pick one.  It has four that I am aware of and three of
Steve> them are discussed here heavilty.  Perl, Python and Ruby.

The same goes for Emacs, though none of the alternatives enjoy the
popularity of ELisp. I take it something of the same is true for Vim.
Personally I've hacked enough ELisp to know that once you get the hang
of it, it's very easy to work with, but from a purist's view it's
still ugly as sin. There's some talk of replacing ELisp with Guile in
the official version, which is a change I'd welcome. I'd still prefer
Python or a similar language to be the replacement, since these can
take the best from the functional and imperative worlds respectively
without looking like a garbled mess, and for an editor, both paradigms
are very useful.

Steve> As I said before, it is the penchant for craming everything and
Steve> the kitchen sink into the editor which has no business being
Steve> there.

If you don't like them, don't load them. As for their having "no
business being there", that's your opinion, and you, like anyone else,
are free to disregard them. Your argument makes no more sense to me
than claiming that Python or Java are bloated for having large
standard libraries.


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