[ann] Minimal Python project

Edward K. Ream edream at tds.net
Sat Jan 11 12:09:38 CET 2003

> > This announcement seems to be making a truly remarkable claim, namely
> > that one could increase the speed of  C code by recoding it in Python
> > and then applying Psycho to it.
> Sure, you can't generally get faster than C code.  But then,
> we just said faster than CPython (and note 'eventually').
> Armin Rigo gives some ideas in
>     http://psyco.sourceforge.net/plans.html

Many thanks for this link.  Actually, these slides do propose a method that
might be faster that the C _interpreter_ code.  As such they seem to be
supporting the "truly remarkable" claim.  I shall look forward to the full
paper with keen interest.


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