trying to wrap xmlrpclib into classes

Steven Noels stevenn at
Wed Jan 22 20:54:50 CET 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:

>     Steven> page = Page('Main', '')
> Since the default path is "/RPC2" (that is, xmlrpclib will send a POST
> request to the server with "/RPC2" as the path), why are you giving that?

In this case, the XMLRPC endpoint is located at /RPC2/ for some strange
reason, not at /RPC2

>     Steven> pageInfo = page.retrievePageInfo()
>     Steven> version = page.getVersion()
>     Steven> author = page.getAuthor()
>     Steven> lastModified = page.getlastModified()
> This looks very vanilla.
>     Steven> twodays = 60*60*24*2
>     Steven> twodaysago = time.gmtime(time.time() - twodays)
>     Steven> changes = RecentChanges('')
>     Steven> rc = changes.getRecentChanges(twodaysago)
> As does this.  Do you wrap twodaysago in a DateTime object locally or just
> pass it along as a tuple?

tuple - is that OK?

>     Steven> rc being a dictionary of a sequence of built-in types with a
>     Steven> proper lookup key rather than a list of dictionary objects which
>     Steven> the default xmlrpclib creates for an XMLRPC array.
> This I can't quite parse.  Are you complaining that it does something funky
> with lists or dicts?  Can you give a concrete example?

an XMLRPC array is translated in a list of dictionary objects, IIUC, 
which is a bit awkward to navigate

for my application, I prefered to wrap that into a dictionary of tuples, 
providing easier access to the items in the array. Maybe, after having 
learned more about the different data types, I might come up with 
another structure...

Is this more clear?

thanks for your comments,

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