Browser front-end, python back-end

grayrest grayrest at
Wed Jan 29 04:51:21 CET 2003

Terry Reedy wrote:
> I have played several (turn-based) games (over the Intenet) that use a
> browser as a front end and I think it is a WRETCHED interface for the
> purpose.  With every move, the game board has to be download again.
> The screen blinks, and the scroll bar jumps back up to the top.  I
> mostly quite playing them because they give me headaches.  Ugh.

If you have a JS application, this isn't necessary. I've played a simple 
hack-n-slash that used IE custom scripting and worked pretty well [1] 
without blinks/reloads etc. If you're going to put effort into it (and 
be willing to only support one or two browsers), browser based games can 
turn out just fine. Though in this case I think PyGame would probably 
turn out better...

[1] I should have bookmarked the page, but it was an isometric 
diabloesque HTML game that you could play either a rogue, barbarian, or 
fighter. The most remarkable feature about the game was that you hover 
over a little sun icon to recharge your health. If anyone knows what it 
was, I'd like to bookmark it for reference.


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