Elegant copy-by-value

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 13 01:29:44 CET 2003

Mike Meyer wrote:
> If it still bothers you, how about a PEP proposing that object have
> copy and deepcopy methods that DTRT? That way, all new-style classes
> would have a copy and deepcopy methods, so you could invoke them
> without having to import a module.

Actually, I think Python could get what he wants if copy.copy and
copy.deepcopy were added to the builtins as 'copy' and 'deepcopy'.
It seems he mostly didn't like the need for an extra import, based
on the OP's statement

Martin Christensen:
] It seems strange that one should have to import a module to so
] something as simple as a copy-by-value.

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