PEP 304 - Controlling generation of bytecode files

Laura Creighton lac at
Tue Jan 28 12:27:17 CET 2003

1. I the the name PYTHONBYTECODEDIR and sys.bytecodedir (that is
   plenty enough to type already) make more sense.

2. This Pep assumes that you want to change files globally, but not
   on a per file basis.  What do we want to happen when 2 users of the
   same system -- a) want different dirs, b) want the same dir.  In
   case b) can we still get collisions and a corrupted file?

3. I am unclear of the security implications of this.  Is somebody out
   there depending on the fact that nobody can ever write their
   own bytecode files and use them to crack the system?  If so they are
   likely to want a way to forbid any but their system secure ones.

4. One thing that I would find useful is a way to say "do not make
   pyc's in this dir".  Then when I tar up a distribution to send
   someplace I won't have to remember to remove them first.  


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