best college for computer science major

Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters mertz at
Thu Jan 9 20:40:13 CET 2003

charles at (Charles Krug) wrote previously:
|Where does the OP live?
|Every State University system has at LEAST one good technical school and
|at least one good "pure science" school, and sometimes several.

Well... that's not quite true.  There are 50 US states, and some of them
are pretty small, population wise.  But certainly each of the 20 most
populous states has some state school with a quite reputable CompSci

I agree with Krug that there is little reason for an undergraduate to
worry too much about the exact specializations of her professors.  In
any case, more classroom contact will be with TAs than actual profs.
Staying local and/or moving to a geographic region that is desirable is
more important than looking at the over-hyped rankings of schools.  If a
student goes on to do a masters or doctorate, by that time she'll know
exactly what specialization she is interested in--and should know by
then exactly who in the field is which school.

Yours, Lulu (who actually only ever -took- two CS classes :-))...

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