Python use growing or shrinking

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 22 03:07:57 CET 2003

Greg Brunet wrote:

> There's only a general discussion of their methodology, and I'm not
> arguing that one should choose a language solely because of it's
> popularity or rate of increase/decrease (and what's up with RPG having
> the second fastest growth rate!?!).  Still, it's it provides another
> viewpoint on 'the language wars'.

As a secondary thought (I'm replying again to the same post, my
apologies), upon glancing at the site again, I would say that there is
some serious question of upfront bias in the presentation; I just
noticed the subtitle to the page is

	C# still on track to become number 1 within 2 years time

I would say that that statement, in the light of an arbitrary and
unspecified ranking system, suggests several basic methodology
problems.  Curve extrapolation of arbitrary figures is unlikely to tell
us much of any use.

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