Python vs .Net

Max Ischenko max at
Thu Jan 9 15:51:08 CET 2003

 Peter Hansen wrote:

>> Static
>> typing is just another tool to help the development process, and even if
>> proper testing reduces the advantages of static typing by 50 or 75%,
>> I'll still take whatever extra advantages I can get when I write code.

> Not to beat a dead horse, but what if the advantages were reduced by,
> say, 98%.  Given the loss in productivity involved with all those extra
> keystrokes for the static typing information for the compiler, you 
> might reach a point where it is *less* effective overall to have the
> static typing in place.  :-)

> That is how I feel, at any rate, having spent many many years writing
> code with static type checking available (C, C++, Delphi and Java).

Sophisticated type system, like the Hindley-Milner (Haskell)
could free you from extra typing still providing advantages of the static
type checking.

Do not underestimate the value of print statements for debugging.
Don't have aesthetic convulsions when using them, either.

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