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>On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 10:55:24PM -0500, grayrest wrote:
>> >My webhost accept php but not python, but i want to use python with
>> >mysql for my website. So i want know if its possible to have php as
>> >frontend, and backend logic in python, and how to do that?
>> >I dont want to use too much php code, because it is crap and messy.
>> >Thanks
>> Looks like you'll have to be using php. Unless, of course, you have 
>> another server that you can run python on and trade remote messages, but 
>> if you do have such a server why not host your app there?
>> Running Python requires a python interpreter, if you don't have one you 
>> can't run python on that computer.
>Or you could embed Python in PHP:
That's an interesting and valuable project.  I doubt
it bears directly on the situation of Mr. Alvarez.

Mr. Alvarez, I've rewritten this follow-up several
times already to simplify it to the essentials.  My
best speculation is that you will not need to in-
volve yourself in PHP at all; it's likely that you
can use Python, as you wish.

Take these steps:
1.  Determine the operating system and Web
    server of your hosting provider.
2.  Confirm with your hosting provider that
    it supports CGI.
3.  Experiment with simple CGI to locate
    a Python processor already available on
    your host.  It's likely this will be suc-
    cessful even though the provider says it's
4.  Check back here.  Even if every one of my
    guesses about your situation is wrong, 
    there still are several ways to use Python
    that might apply.

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