[scintilla] Re: comments inside blocks

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jan 2 22:30:18 CET 2003


> Hmm but the editor should be able to distinguish between
> these 2 cases IMHO:
> for i in range(10):
>      print i
> #comment nothing to do with for
> for i in range(10):
>      print i
> #not normal but valid comment in for
>      print i**2

   The folding of this has changed since the 1.49 release. Try the test
version from
http://www.scintilla.org/scite.zip Source
http://www.scintilla.org/wscite.zip Windows executable
    I'm not completely convinced but it may be what you want.

> Note in the scintilla TODO I noticed:
> "Folding for languages that don't have it yet and good folding for
> languages that inherited poor folding from another languages
> folding code."
> so I guess it's a known issue.

   That was referring to other languages like Ruby which uses folding code
designed for Python. I consider the old Python folding fairly good.


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