Python use growing or shrinking

Greg Brunet gbrunet at
Tue Jan 21 23:18:15 CET 2003

Just as a point of information, I was reading this article about Java
and the recent ruling that MS must include it in Windows & .NET
( It
had a link to this site ( which ranks
Python as a "B" status language with declining popularity.

There's only a general discussion of their methodology, and I'm not
arguing that one should choose a language solely because of it's
popularity or rate of increase/decrease (and what's up with RPG having
the second fastest growth rate!?!).  Still, it's it provides another
viewpoint on 'the language wars'.

For my own (very unscientific) study, I did a simple search on the
following in the Chicago Tribune's on-line ads:

c#    7
c++    - search engine can't handle it ;)
java    62
PERL    12
Python    2
Visual Basic    45


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