CGIHTTPServer and POST with Netscape versus IE

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jan 7 18:06:35 CET 2003

Kevin Altis wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> > We've encountered a little problem in a test program
> > involving the standard module and a POST
> > operation from Internet Explorer.
> Well I was going to say this is fixed in the Python 2.3a1 release because I
> thought Steve Holden had committed a fix, but I just checked the
> file and it doesn't appear to have changed, so maybe he'll
> chime in here.
> The PythonCard webserver sample contains a fix for the run_cgi() method of

Kevin, thanks very much.  The Windows-portion of the fix you posted does
the job for us.  The Linux one doesn't seem to be required, as the
standard running under Linux does not trouble IE, 
in our case at least.

Also thanks to Changjune Kim for the bug report links.  It looks like
the problem might be a little more subtle than it looks at first glance,
based on the discussions there, but the two-line patch Kevin provided 
works nicely.

Steve H: if we might be able to help a bit verifying a patch, let me know...


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