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> On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 06:46:49AM +0000, Robert Oschler wrote:
> > I know there some e-zines but what, no Python magazine?  I don't see any
> > my favorite bookstore.  Grab the pitch forks and the angry mob!
> The closest thing is Py, the print journal for Python developers (of which
> am the proud Managing Editor, FYI). We're not on glossy paper or newstands
> (yet), but it's an actual, honest-to-god print publication, which you can
> learn more about by visiting

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pyzine is a very nice initiative, quality of number 1 was great. From Europe
it is somewhat difficult to order and pay, which delayed my order for nr 2
and 3.

In earlier discussions I favored a price increase. Apparantly more people
did, the price did increase very significant. What I don't understand is the
additional price increase for Europe, I don't believe that the
transportation cost is that much more expensive (USA price=12$, Europe =22$
per issue, or 40$ vs 75$ for 4 issues).

regards Gerrit

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