Browser front-end, python back-end

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Wed Jan 29 07:42:05 CET 2003

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> > >>>>> "Eric" == Eric Mattes <ericmattes at> writes:
> >     Eric> not require an internet connection. I wanted a python
> >     Eric> program to act as a server so that it can receive requests
> >     Eric> from a browser pointing to localhost.
> >
> >     Eric> The program is a turn-based game, so it is suitable for
> web
> >     Eric> browser implementation. I'm just wondering if its feasable
> >     Eric> to have the whole app (server and all) in one package.
> >
> > Just out of curiosity, why did you want to use a browser for the
> > interface on a local-only game? Pygame is excellent for this sort of
> > thing, and possibly much easier to use and write. Don't get me
> wrong,
> > the browser idea works well for lots of things, but you don't want
> to
> > miss out on other options.
> I have played several (turn-based) games (over the Intenet) that use a
> browser as a front end and I think it is a WRETCHED interface for the
> purpose.  With every move, the game board has to be download again.
> The screen blinks, and the scroll bar jumps back up to the top.  I
> mostly quite playing them because they give me headaches.  Ugh.
> Terry

As someone noted in the thread, it doesn't need to be WRETCHED.

Having JavaScript and Java(uh..Jython) Applet talk to each other -- and
even talk to the server on another port -- the screen doesn't need to


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