Scripting *of* Python

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Jan 31 11:05:48 CET 2003

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

  [snipped: other options are Medusa and do-it-yourself]

> I think it'd probably be much easier with Twisted than either of those
> options, but of course I am probably a little biased ;)

I have no reason to be biased in this case, yet I would agree
that using Twisted would be easiest here (and in most other
cases where one wants to code an event-driven server, too --
and possibly a client, but I haven't looked deep into that yet).

(Which is why I managed to put in a LITTLE coverage of Twisted,
just twisted.internet actually, in "Python in a Nutshell" --
which I should be busy proofreading _right now_ rather than
skimming -- it should be in bookstores in March...)


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