Best SMTP/POP library?

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Thu Jan 23 01:53:14 CET 2003

Robert Oschler wrote:
>> [Me:]
>> For a (GUI) MUA blocking calls like the ones in smtplib and poplib tend to
>> annoy the user.  Twisted might come in really useful there.
>> OTOH maybe using smtplib/poplib in a separate thread and communicating via
>> Queue.Queue or whatever works well, too.
>> But if you can avoid threads, that's a Good Thing [tm].
> I assume you're referring to the global intepreter lock?

No, just the fact that smtplib and poplib block. That means if a you
have a single-threaded app and getting up a connection to the SMTP/POP
server takes 5 seconds or more the app will appear "frozen" during
that timespan.

This often makes users click around wildly ...

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