Please Recommend a C compiler for use with Python.

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Tue Jan 28 04:09:19 CET 2003

zenguyuno at wrote:
> I'm a has-been programmer.  I used to be quite skilled at C, but I
> haven't used it for 7 years.  I don't even have a C compiler!  The only
> language I currently use is Python.  I want to extend Python by writing
> routines in C.
> I use a generic PC running Win 98.  What's a good, Easy-to-use and
> install, ANSI C compiler?  I might mention that I mainly want to extend
> Python by writing routines in C.

Some peeps recommended the Bloodshed IDE.  I looked over the website
and got a good impression, and I like a good IDE, so I downloaded it. 
I just tried it out on some real simple stuff and it worked fine.

I will let you guys know in a week what I think of it.

Thanks for the recs!


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