best python editor/ide for windows

Tiberius Teng u9300103 at
Tue Jan 7 11:50:28 CET 2003

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> > I would suggest EmEditor (
> Ok, I'll bite... Why? (i.e. why is it better than the others?) Not
> trying to argue, just looking for information :-)

For me, it's the only *correctly working* Unicode-supported text
editor with sufficient syntax-highlighting. You can get a free
academic license if you're a student or faculty member.

I must admit that I choose it because its Unicode support, because I
need to edit some Python scripts with many UTF-8 strings inside, and I
also often use Chinese & Japanese IME to input those texts.

Originally I tried VIM 6.1's Unicode support (VIM is my favorite
editor, too.), however it just doesn't work right (Have some codepage
conversion & text-display problems). At the end, I switched to
EmEditor to edit my all Python scripts.

If VIM have better Unicode in the future, I might switch back ;)

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