Any AIX experts out there?

Laura Creighton lac at
Wed Jan 29 19:02:37 CET 2003

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> >The Snake Farm is having trouble building Python on AIX.
> >See:
> ml
> >
> >Does anybody recognise these symptoms?
> >
> >Laura Creighton
> >
> Dynamic loading, yeah.  I used to be good with AIX.
> The solution probably is heavily dependent on version.
> It's unlikely I can do this as volunteer work.  Is
> this for you, or are you just helping out?
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> Cameron Laird <Cameron at>
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It is for GvR, and for all of us -- so that we have a Python 2.3 that runs
on AIX, which we don't now, and for making the Python-in-a-Tie Release
for the PBF.  see

Just letting us know that we are building this with the correct options
would be a big help.  See &

Thanks very much,
Laura Creighton

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