Generating Unique Keys

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Tue Jan 28 03:24:25 CET 2003

Skip Montanaro <skip at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1043516445.19926.python-list at>...

>     Mongryong> For session keys, is their a way in Python to grap a client's
>     Mongryong> MAC address.  If so, is there any security concern with using
>     Mongryong> a client's MAC address?
> There's no MAC address information in the HTTP headers.  There is the
> client's IP address, but for proxies and NAT stuff that obviously won't be
> good enough.  I'd just use a random number.

To elaborate on this, DON'T use the MAC address.  It doesn't get
routed (it's only valid within a subnet)  Even if you could grab it
directly from a network packet, anything outside of your subnet will
have it's MAC address replaced by your router's MAC.  So it'd work
fine when you ran it in your test lab, but would be incredibly
buggy/insecure in production.

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