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Thu Jan 9 00:28:30 CET 2003

Quoth Andrew McGregor <andrew at>:
| Don't the best notations look cleaner, have less 'line noise'-like glyphs 
| in them?
|> Andrew McGregor <andrew at> wrote in message
|> news:<mailman.1041999800.30291.python-list at>...
|>> I think the driving force is that a clean design takes more typing in
|>> Perl,  whereas in Python it's usually much, much less.

I'm no fan of line noise, but all by itself I'm sure you will agree that
it's a pretty superficial way to think about languages.

I think the problem in either language is really the same, it's the user's
weakness for an expedient hack.  Python may provide fewer opportunities,
but it's relative, and Perl is not a very interesting comparison, is it?
I mean, I'm nicer than Jenghiz Khan, but so what?

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