OT: PSP, XP, TDD and other methodologies for solitary programmers

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sat Jan 4 17:07:11 CET 2003

James Kew wrote:
> I've found Roundup (http://roundup.sourceforge.net) excellent for issue
> tracking on small-team projects: it's simple and flexible enough that it
> doesn't get in the way, usable enough that developers take to it easily,
> powerful enough that it's almost entirely replaced the impossible-to-track
> email ping-pong we were doing before, and it's all Python plus Zope-like
> HTML templaties so it's eminently customisable and hackable.

I just took another look at it (two years after I first read about it, 
before it was released, as I recall) and am impressed by its progress. 
I'd recommend that anyone interested (like Donnal) visit the link above and 
check out the live online demo.

I can't say just how effective this would be for *story* tracking ala
XP, but as I said almost any bug/issue tracker worth its salt would
be adequate for a start.  Certainly Roundup is significantly more 
polished than our own.


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