Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Tim Peters at
Wed Jan 15 05:52:13 CET 2003

> How frightened are you of getting sued by the PSF?

[Erik Max Francis]
> Not at all, since I'm not doing anything that could get me sued by any
> such entity.

You don't have to "do something" to get sued, and the PSF *is* the legal
entity that holds copyright on all the Python source code, modules, and docs
you have installed on your machine(s).  I wager you've made copies of them
(backups, machine transfers), modified some of them, and possibly even
distributed some of them.  Such activities are clear violations of PSF's
intellectual property rights unless you've been granted a license to engage
in such activities by the PSF.  Which you have been, and of course the PSF
isn't going to sue you.

The question is why Mike should be more afraid of getting sued by the PSF
than you are?  The PSF also holds the copyright on the files he's asking
about, and Mike has the same license *from* the PSF to use them as you have.
Now anyone at all can sue Mike for anything at all, but since the PSF holds
the copyright on those files, only the PSF has legal standing to sue him for
copyright violation.  Telling him he should be afraid of that remains, in my
eyes, bizarre.  That doesn't mean he won't be sued <wink>.

figure-the-odds-ly y'rs  - tim

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