Blocking ctrl-c to os.popen() or os.system()

Jarkko Torppa torppa at
Sun Jan 5 05:54:10 CET 2003

In article <qwOR9.108503$6H6.3599736 at>, Sandeep Gupta wrote:
> I am running on Linux, but the script I'm writing will also be using on
> Win2k.
> What I meant was I start the command and programatically wait for it to
> finish.  I wait for the command to finish by doing an on the stdout
> returned from popen*().  While I am waiting for it to finish, if the user
> types ctrl-c, the command receives the interrupt.
> But if my command is "cvs diff", cvs receives the ctrl-c.
> Any other suggestions?

If your cvs is doing remote stuff it's most propably ssh/rsh that is
trying to grab terminal directly, ssh has some flags that
might help.

This might also help, unless it also enables tty signal processing

import termios,TERMIOS,copy,sys
at[3]=at[3] & ~TERMIOS.ISIG
(popen here)

This most propably does not work on windows

Jarkko Torppa

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