How to do this in Python...

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jan 24 16:06:54 CET 2003

Michael Tiller wrote:
> I'm puzzled by what seems like a missing piece of functionality in Python.
> In C++, I could write a statement like this:
> if (match=re.match(pattern, string))
>   // do something with the match object
> But I cannot figure out how to do the equivalent thing in Python.  The idea
> here is to have an assignment statement within an if statement so that I
> don't have to call match twice or obfuscate the code.  It seems to me that
> my current options are:
> match = re.match(pattern, string)
> if match:
>   // do something with match object
> -or-
> if re.match(pattern, string):
>     match = re.match(pattern, string)
> The first one seems unnecessarily verbose and the second one is inefficient.
> Are there any other options?

Yes, the third option is this: get rid of the urge to do this, and
the belief that it is a good idea.

Such structures have long been fertile ground for bugs in C and
its children, and reduce the readability of code.  The "functionality"
you want is actually a deprecated feature in some companies, where
assignment-tests like that are outlawed in if/for/while statements.

If you can start to think in this style, your code will become more
readable and you'll have fewer concerns about "missing" functionality
in Python.


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