Simple Web Proxy

Fred Pacquier fredp at
Wed Jan 29 10:28:36 CET 2003

mark.charsley at (Mark Charsley) said :

> I'd like a simple web-proxy that 
> - intercepts each HTML page,  
> - passes it through a list of python functions which can, for
> - instance, 
> search for and destroy for links to images on, 
> particularly offensive Javascript functions,  etc.
> - pass the modified page back to the client.
> A couple of questions:
> 1) does this make sense, or am I suffering from a particularly
> simplistic view of how HTTP works (I'd be shocked if it worked with
> HTTPS for instance)
> 2) is there an existing skeleton out there I could build upon (capable
> of running on 9x or linux with apache: doesn't matter which)

It makes perfect sense and there are many ways to achieve this.

If you really require the engine to be Python (for learning, or 
integration with something else, etc) you should go with the suggestions 
made by others in this thread.

If all you care about is the functionality with a minimum of fuss, under 
Windows you might want to evaluate the Proxomitron, a free local proxy 
that does all of the above and more (including fun stuff with SSL), with 
little or no programming.


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