Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 29 16:14:08 CET 2003

Brandon Van Every wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
> > Brandon Van Every wrote:
> >>
> >> Python is a "glue" language, ...
> >
> > Just checking here :-)... you're not saying Python is *only* a glue
> > language, right?  Just that it *can be* used as a glue language when
> > you need such a thing?
> I see no primary purpose for Python's existence other than as a glue
> language.

I would have responded at more length, but thankfully Erik Max Francis
posted first and pointed out the (what should have been to me) obvious:
you're trolling.

In any event, you would not be able to say that after visiting a 
company (such as my current employer; contact me offline to arrange 
a visit if you're in the Toronto area) which makes extensive use of
Python as far more than a glue language.

We write almost exclusively in Python, and include in the set of
applications which we write: factory test automation, web applications,
standalone GUI programs, embedded systems, and something else... let
me think what it could be.... oh yeah, *glue*.  

But I'm now sure you're trolling (especially since we've never heard
you here before) so I doubt I'll respond to further posts.


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