emacs python mode problem

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Tue Jan 28 07:58:59 CET 2003

Chris Fonnesbeck wrote:
> I've become a little frustrated with the python indenting in python
> mode for emacs. I have tried setting the indent to 4 spaces both via
> the configuration menu and by hand in my .emacs file:
> '(setq-default py-indent-offset 4)

Hmm, it doesn't look like that quote should be there.

> However, when editing python files, from time to time the indentation
> falls back to 8 spaces. Anyone have an idea as to why this may be
> happening?

I've been using python-mode since I first came on the Python scene and
I've never seen anything like that.  Could it be that the Python files
you're editing contain the little #-*- (or whatever they are; I've never
used them myself) indenting hints?  (I don't even know to what extent
these are supported, this is an off-the-wall answer.)

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