More usenet usage statistics, by programming language

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Jan 26 04:28:38 CET 2003

Laura Creighton wrote:
> If we want to make the volume in this newsgroup go up, just post something
> that is _wrong_.  Or claim that vi is superior to emacs or vice-versa.
> Or ask people what their favourite <anything> is.  Or write a note
> claiming that Lisp is only used by fools and the mentally unstable and
> make sure that the readers of comp.lang.lisp hear about it. <wink>

That's crazy!  Vi is *not* superior to emacs.  In fact, emacs
is far inferior to vi.  After all, vi is written in Lisp, so it
must have been built by mentally unstable fools!

My favourite editor is vimacs; what's yours?

-all-i-forgot-was-the-cross-post-ly yr's,
 Peter ;-)

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