Python vs .Net

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Sun Jan 5 08:20:11 CET 2003

* Etienne Charland <mystery at> [2003-01-05 01:40 -0500]:
> I would like to compare Python with .Net. First of all, for those who
> knows .Net, what are the pros and the cons of each?

They're quite different beasts, and IMHO can't be compared in a
meaningful way.

> Secondly, how would I write this simple database application in
> Python, to see how it looks like. I've written the code required to do
> it in VB.Net. [...]

> [exmaple of data bound combobox]

Python has a standardized way of accessing relational databases, the
Python database API, version 2. There's, however no way of directly
binding queries or tables to these controls using DBAPI2 (it's quite
easy to do, but no direct binding a la ADO.NET).

*But* PyQt seems to have a way to use data bound controls. That's,
however, a different beast and I don't have any exerience with it.

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