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Fri Jan 3 10:38:26 CET 2003

On 03 Jan 2003 14:48:51 +0530, Ganesan R <rganesan at> wrote:
> I see, it's about scripts. Programs written in Lisp are something beneath
> you. That's fine :-).

    No.  Let me put it another way.

    Will the lisp scripts work outside of Emacs on a lisp only engine?  No?
Why not?  

    It is the melding of an editor with a scripting language *and then* the
penchant for having everything under the sun programmed for it.  If the
extensions were somehow related to editing I can understand that.  For example
vim too is extensible.  I have a script for using aspell for spell checking.
Spell checking happens to be a common enough thing that people would do.  It
isn't common enough that it should be included in a text editor.  It is its
own application and I am glad that I can swap it out for something else if
something better comes along.  OTOH an editor having an entire newsreader
written for it in the scripting language is like having tetris written in the
scripting language.  What the hell do either of those have to do with editing?

    It is that mixing of two jobs into a single whole that is the problem.  Is
it an editor?  No, it is a lisp engine.  Is it a lisp engine?  No, it is an
editor.  Sorry, don't think they mix.

    'sides, if I wanted a language embedded into my editor (instead of called
from) I much prefer Python be it.

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