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On Saturday 04 January 2003 09:44 am,   corey wrote:
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> > "Python for PlayStation
>> > Erwin Coumans has completed a port of Python to the Sony PlayStation
> > 2. Send him email for more info."
> > His email: erwin at blender.nl
> > --                             ___
> I've to e-mail him. But that address is no longer valid (I think since
> blender went under)

Speaking of the PS2 Linux port, is there anyone working on an unencumbered 
replacement for the proprietary Sony disk that it relies on?  I'd like to 
port some functionality to the PS2, but you have to agree to some rather 
restrictive things (like not to distribute your code on CD) to use their 
software.  This means that if you develop on the PS2 Linux kit, the only 
people who can use your result are other people who have the kit, as I 
understand it.  I find this greatly reduces the attractiveness of it, since I 
was kind of hoping to do something subversive like make Free educational 
software that would run on a consumer Playstation 2 (which is much cheaper 
and widely available than a low-end PC). 

I notice there's a Gnu Game Boy replacement project, although I've not yet 
found out how to actually make a cartridge from the data.

Is there a general resource on Linux/Open-Source platforms for computer 

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