Tab characters considered harmful (Was: Emacs has eaten my py thon tabs!!!)

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Fri Jan 31 06:55:54 CET 2003

--On Friday, January 31, 2003 16:23:55 +1100 "Delaney, Timothy" 
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>> From: Mark Hadfield [mailto:m.hadfield at]
>> > Two different web sites link "golden syrup" and "treacle" as being
>> > equivalent.
>> No, treacle is darker-coloured than golden syrup. In New
>> Zealand, anyway.
> That was what I thought too. Are the web sites you found Australian, Kiwi
> or US?
> Tim Delaney

I just went and looked in the kitchen.  Samples of Molasses, Treacle and 
Golden Syrup, in order from (very) dark to light.  Someone likes baking, 
don't they?

Andrew (from .nz)
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