python 2.3a1 pdb broken? or is it a feature?

Jane Austine janeaustine50 at
Thu Jan 9 18:52:08 CET 2003

I'm running python 2.3a1 on a Win32 machine.

pdb's behaviour seems to have been changed from 2.2*.

"user_call" method is added, and it's called automatically
for every function/method call when I set a breakpoint somewhere
else and "continue".

For example:

def a():
    print "a..."
def b():
    print "b..."
def c():
    print "c..."

(Pdb) b foobar:2
Breakpoint 1 at
(Pdb) c
> c:\...\
-> def a():
(Pdb) cont
> c:\...\
-> print "a..."
(Pdb) continue
> c:\...\
-> def b():

I desparately want to Continue.


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