Python for CGI is dead?

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Sun Jan 12 16:19:05 CET 2003

Will Stuyvesant wrote:

> I am spending rather much time trying to build a project using CGI
> scripts written in Python.  But am I wasting my time?  


> and none free (except a french one that I
> can not register into) for Python CGI scripts!

If you have the disk space and you are allowed to install your own 
executables, you may be able to use mxCGIPython:
Basically, you upload a single-file Python interpreter into your local web 
space and run your CGI scripts against that interpreter.
> I wish would give you the opportunity to test small, low
> bandwidth, CGI scripts for free.  It would help Python become more
> popular and it could be a showcase for good Python CGI programming,

That's not really the goal of  It sounds more like the mission 
of the Starship Python  

> with an annual competition for "best" CGI-based websites perhaps?  

Feel free to organize such a thing!

> About python web hosting:
> See all those old Python version there?

It could be that the page simply hasn't been updated.  Ask them what version 
they are currently running.  If it's too old for your needs, see whether 
they'll upgrade.


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