December 2002 comp.lang.* stats

Aaron K. Johnson akjmicro at
Sat Jan 25 16:49:23 CET 2003

In message <mailman.1043502285.20597.python-list at>, Skip Montanaro
>     Aaron> What you see below are pure and simple the number of unique
>     Aaron> posters to each comp.lang.whatever hierarchy in December 2002.
> Is a "unique poster" a single person (e.g. skip at or a "unique
> post" (e.g. message-id <b0tctd$9cn$1 at>)?
> Skip

A person is what counts as a 'unique poster'. A message ID alone would not
measure the 'user base' factor "im interested in.

Spam is still a problem to consider. It's not perfect yet.......


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