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Mike Meyer mwm at
Wed Jan 8 23:20:01 CET 2003

Mike Meyer <mwm at> writes:
> How hard is it to add judoscript support to a random application, and
> how much overhead does it add? Do I have to embed a java vm in the
> thing to use it? What advantage does it give me over doing a CORBA
> interface - see <URL: > for a
> bit on that - to make up for the loss of the ability to write scripts
> in any language with CORBA support? On Windows, you get to do the same
> comparison with ActiveX or whatever MS is calling their distributed
> object technology this month.

Arrgh. I just found out that my new ISP is blocking my web server. So
off we go to find a second new ISP in as many days.

For now, you can find the paper at <URL: >
and the software it refers to at <URL: >.

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