XML vs Python?

N. Thomas nthomas at cise.ufl.edu
Fri Jan 17 20:00:41 CET 2003

In article <23891c90.0301170257.7267c8c3 at posting.google.com>, Paul Boddie wrote:
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> > I mean, are there situations where is it better to save one's data
> > in XML internally as opposed to using the language's native
> > structures, and exporting to/from XML?
> Once you start to look into more advanced features, it would seem to
> me that the lists and dictionaries model approaches such a level of
> complexity that a "proper" object model would be better. That is
> because you would need to find more efficient ways (in terms of
> expression) of requesting an attribute with a given namespace, for
> example, than examining raw dictionaries.

Ah, this makes a whole lot of sense -- I have been enlightened. Thanks
for the info.


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