lots of similar classes?

Roberto Cavada cavada at irst.itc.it
Mon Jan 20 16:09:32 CET 2003

boncelet wrote:
> class Super:
>   def __init__(self,name,lots_of_other_arguments):

> class A(Super):
>   def __init__(self,name='a',lots_of_other_arguments):
>     Super.__init__(self,name,lots_of_other_arguments)
> My problem is rewriting the "lot_of_other_arguments" over and over
> again seems wasteful, error-prone, and fragile. 

mmm, see at the apply function, which you can use to call 
Super.__init__ by using a list of values to be assigned to its 
arguments. (The first element of the list must be 'self'.)
This requires that calling methods receive a list of "actual 
parameters" that implicilty respect the formal parameters order in the 
called method.

In another possible scenario, you can define a metaclass in order to 
automatically connect  formal and actual parameters. Connection could 
be performed via some syntactic rule you define.

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