Can emacs support auto complete of python?

Charl P. Botha cpbotha at
Sun Jan 5 20:59:56 CET 2003

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Laura Creighton wrote:
>> In article <mailman.1041771677.3260.python-list at>, Nadav Horesh
>> wrote:
>> > As in IDLE -- try ALT-/
>> AFAIK, the only way to do this in emacs (without elisp programming) would be
>> e.g. to open the module your working with in another buffer.
> I have some happy news for you.  If you put this line in your .emacs
> (global-set-key [f3]       'dabbrev-expand)
> you can get autocompleting when you press the f3 key.  Bind it to
> whatever you prefer ...

AFAIK, alt-/ is the default binding for dabbrev, which means your post is
now "-1 redundant", or whatever the correct moderation parlance is these

In anycase, as far is I understood, that's not exactly what the original
poster described.  dabbrev just completes on the grounds of what's in
current buffers, whereas the original poster (at least according to his
posting) wanted something a tad more intelligent, e.g. class.b<complete>
would suggest all members of "class" that start with "b".  The ipython shell
does this for python.  The emacs java-mode does this for java as well if I
understand correctly.

charl p. botha

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