patching of python: tabs make me seek of python

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Wed Jan 29 17:00:06 CET 2003

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> hi
> i'm in python project. python is very good despite some problems with
> but still very usefull (especially with swig).
> i'm using python with pleasure until i have to deal with tabs.
> it is about 4 people here who's doing development. nobody cares about
> yet, we don't know what we are doing :) it's okay, we are in good shape
for now.
> however i found that it is extremly difficult to work with somebody else
> and repackage my own code into classes. tabs always find the way out of
> moreover, my favorite emacs keys to locate block boundaries doesn't work,
too bad.
> all that make me think that somebody already has THE PATCH to treat curly
> as old c++ programmer would expect. it could be just a cmd line switch to
> if nobody has it someday i might try to do that. any legal objections from
> maintainers regarding of distribution of that?
> please, don't try to convince me that tabs are good: i'm too lazy to even
> about it. i just want curly braces.

Please don't try to convince me you need any help: I'm too lazy to even
think about helping.

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