biggles on windows

Thomas Heller theller at
Thu Jan 30 13:35:02 CET 2003

Uwe Schmitt <uwe.schmitt at> writes:

> Kyle Yancey <kyle at> wrote:
> > Doh.  I missed the part where you said you used activestate.  I'm
> > an idiot. Ignore the comment above.
> Maybe your comment is useful: there was a post in the biggles
> mailing list today, saying the installer requires python 2.1, not
> 2.2. maybe the installer works, if I manipulate the registry key
> concerning the python version.  But that is a dirty hack. I'd really
> be interested in a new version, but biggles is updatetd quite
> seldom, although biggles makes the nicest plots I've seen among the
> plotting packages for python...

Apparently the biggles windows installer is built with an old version
(for some definition of 'old') of distutils. Newer distutils versions
would at least display a message saying something like "This package
requires Pythno 2.1 which was not found on this machine".

You could probablly hack your registry to pretend it is there,
but that wouldn't really help you: packages containing extension
modules (.pyd's) only work for the Python version they were build

> So I'll have to build biggles from scratch...

That is always an option.


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